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They say, “Be cautious what you wish for.” We were very fortunate to have our wishes fulfilled. We brought you Christian last week. He is a 21-year old Columbus boy. His large man cock made quite an impression. Christian is a tall 9A’ man cock with a 5A’11A frame. He loves having people observe him and sometimes even invites them to join in on the sex. He can be captured at any moment and that is enough adrenaline to get him sexy. We hoped that he would do something more than just a solo, and we wanted to get an idea of what someone else might see when he was pounded into an appreciation hole. It’s time to get your lube on, it’s ON! Aiden stands 6A’ tall, and is baby-faced. Aiden, a 21-year-old Ohio native, recently celebrated his 21st birthday. Aiden, unlike Christian who is a novice in front of a camera, has worked on several films and also done some work online. Now he is starting to be recognized by the streets. Last time he was A’seenA’ on the turnpike by the man at the toll station, he said, “I dropped my money and drove off!” He laughs and says, “I dropped my cash and drove off!” This afternoon will see some more of the same, except that Christian will do the “droppingA” as he drives into and out of AidenAs narrow booth. Before he drives off, Christian quickly reaches out and kisses Aiden. As they begin to undress each other, they engage in a sensual make-out session. They slowly touch each other’s lips, allowing their fingers to freely move and smelling each others. As they continue to embrace, their bulges begin to tense. Aiden quickly takes ChristianA’s amazing meat and the pants fall off. AidenA’s mouth is already half full when heA takes it out. Aiden begins to fill it out. As Christian looks at him, Aiden slaps Christian’s fat cock onto AidenAs open tongue and mouth. As ChristianA’s cum-laden limbs dangle below, Aiden grabs ChristianAA’s. Christian enjoys the attention but is soon insatiable. The two of them strip down and take on a 69-degree position. While Aiden is still getting his head, Christian grabs Aiden’s thick cock. Christian pulls Aiden onto his back and burys AidenAs cock in his throat. He can now access AidenAs smooth sex from this position. Aiden is on his all fours and holds firm while Christian starts to fuck his face. AidenAs’s sex is just too strong for him to resist and ChristianAs hands soon wonAt stop ChristianA from getting more. He pulls Aiden away as he continues his quest for sweeter ass. His tongue probes the sweet spot he will soon make with his huge cock. AidenA is in complete rapture when Christian takes his ass and licks, bites, probes it — completely driving him crazy. Christian’s tongue hits all the right places and he is an excellent rimmer. As AidenA whispers, Christian can be heard inches away. AidenA immediately approves! That was obvious! Christian is lying on Aiden’s back, while Aiden holds Christian in place. Christian then peels on the Magnum. Amazing to see Aiden’s huge nuts bounce off of Christians as they piston fiss with them. It’s amazing to see their massive size and wonder how many years it’s been since they loaded. They start by riding their cocks, then they move to side-fiking, and finally to hot missionary positions where you can really appreciate ChristianAs thick battering ram. Aiden is a monster cock no matter what position! When ChristianA isnAt busy dragginA on the sheets, you can clearly see ChristianAs low hangingers hitting AidenAs ass. DAMN! The two of them reach the climax, and they lay side-by side until unloading. Christian starts first, and then coats his beautiful abs in seed. Aiden follows closely, soon both are drenched.

From: extrabigdicks
Date: September 15, 2022
Category: Gay

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