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The scene begins with Miss Raevyn lying on her bed, a slave’s chest. Miss Raevyn is seen sitting on her slaves’ chests. You can lick her soles or pinch her toes or stick your toes between her toes. Then, she directs her to her legs.

Then she puts her hands on the slave and rubs them together. AEURoeSome men think that I only can take their breath away sitting on their faces, but this can also be done. She bounces back on him again. Raevyn then runs her fingers over her breasts, before revealing her nipples and perky tits. AEURoeOr perhaps you’re a pervert who likes to rub your armpitsaEUR Raevyn purrs and lifts her arm up in the air. After asking you if your hair is the best, she runs her fingers across it. After you’ve seen the best of her, she turns her attention to her slave. She does some standing butt drops and then has him climb out under her for a kiss on her plump musculature. ArenaEUR(tm), she replies, “AEURoeYouaEUR(tm),re also an ass-kisser?aEUR She’s looking straight at you.

From: clubstiletto.com
Date: September 10, 2022
Category: Strapon

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