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On a sunny day, Miss Raevyn walks into the house to discover her slave, who is still there, exactly where she left him. With her rubber-soled shoes, she walks up to him and grabs his ankle. Asking him, “Do you know the traffic in this area?” she replies. Before she jumps on him, she alternates walking with bouncing.

To put distance between her and the slave she walks around the room, jumps in the air, and then lands on the slave’s body. After landing several times, she leaps through the air and presses down on his skin. He is able to hear her groan and grunt as she steps on his head. Before she can run again, she stomps on the slave’s stomach, chest, and junk. She finally made the slave take off her shoes and stand on top of him. He is to open his mouth and she will run her entire foot, sock-clad, over it. HeaEUR(tm), she’s too nice for her.

From: clubstiletto.com
Date: June 2, 2022
Category: Bdsm

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