House Dom Christian Wilde.. –


It is truly a special experience. This is the greatest challenge for our house. Van doesn’t want to let go of his jock, so he chains Christian Wilde. ChristianA, a rock-hard cock from ChristianA stands up to Van and takes punches to his chest. Christian is now in the Pit. With his legs tied to the ground, Christian puts the crop on his chest and clothespins are placed across his body. When the clothespins are taken off, he screams in pain. – The Water Chamber. Christian is bound in electrical tape and has clover clamps all over his body. Water sprays all over him. Christian perseveres despite the pain caused by the water pressure. Van finishes ChristianA’s three-day challenge and sprays all of his cum over.

From: 30minutesoftorment
Date: August 7, 2022
Category: Bdsm

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