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“I graduated from graduate school,” Rick told us. “I havent started working yet. “I met with Rick via a friend of a friend and the timing couldnt have been easier. He had a couple of weeks on his hands before beginning his newest job.His stats: hes 23 years old, 511″, 190 lbs, Italian, muscle, and he’s got a girlfriend who is unaware of his”activities.” “I enjoy Latin women,” he said. “I enjoy more of a round buttocks. I like to get it, rub it a little bit, maybe a few kisses. And then fuck it in the end! “Speaking of asses, I noticed that throughout the first part of his video, Rick was rubbing his asshole softly and it really seemed to catch him off.After dumping his first loading, I asked Rick about moving one step further and actually placing his finger in his ass. “Nah, man,” he said nonchalantly. “Thats a lineup I dont want to cross. “Ill never understand that one aspect of the heterosexual man. Why are they so hung up on their assholes?But hey, it really seemed to catch off him, so its all good!I was, however, able to convince him to taste his own cum!

From: Blacktgirls.com
Date: September 26, 2020
Actors: Shacora
Category: Gay porn

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