Freshly Fucked Ball Buster –


Miss Xi, fresh fucked and sexy by her stud lies on her bed. She shouts at her slave for water. The slave asks her if she tied the shoelaces of her boyfriendaEUR(tm), and she thanks him for his service. She asks the slave if he remembered how many times he had orgasmed her. He says aEURoeFour, five or six?aEUR and desperately hopes he didn’t miss count. HeaEUR(tm), she tells him, and then leads him down the hall to secure himself to the railing. Five minutes of hard kicking, twisting and ball pulling ensues. Even though Miss Xi may be small, her heart is full of passion and she kicks the ball with great purpose. You can see how the slaveaEUR ™ is brutally treated from vantage points below. The lovely Miss Xi releases her slave from the rail and stands in front of him. She not only kicks him but also knees him. This clip will appeal to anyone who loves ballbusting, particularly when it is done by an Asian Princess.

Date: June 6, 2022
Category: Feet

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