First I Ride and Then I.. –


Misstress Ariel is so beautiful in the tight blue gown, with bare legs, black pumps and tanned skin. Because she loves pony riding so much, she borrowed Clem from Princess Dakota. She knew that she was free to do what she pleased. Clem was forced to follow Mistress Ariel’s orders at all costs. In this scene, she rides him on his all-fours and kicks him to speed him up. He does figure-eights on the tent poles, and she enjoys hearing his heavy breathing as she rides along. She will use him to sit on her back, and then she’ll show off her legs for the camera. Her legs look outstanding. She is so sexy, and she’s very likeable. Then, she orders him to clem onto his back. She decides that black heels are the best and will stand on him. He laughs and she sinks her entire weight onto the heels. She is feeling the pain, but it’s not what she needs. The end of her wonderful ride is complete with her trampling clem.

Date: May 28, 2022
Category: Anal

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