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Mistresses Lexi and Victoria love making slaves for their amusement, so when this slave told them he can suck his own cock, they needed to put him to the test. The Mistresses flex the servant over and begin making him lick his penis, then Lexi starts milking him. The slave gets tough and his dick begins filling his mouthmaking them break out in laughter. They humiliate him even further by beating him in the face and eyes along with his dick, then milk him again until he cums all over his own face. The Mistresses scoop up the cum out of his eyes and face, feeding it to him because they laugh in his embarrassment. Of course, they allow him suck his own dick fresh for good measure.Does it make you gay if you suck your own cock?

From: Privatesextapes.com
Date: October 5, 2020
Actors: Cindy Jays
Category: Gay porn

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