Eat these fresh Cum Farts –


Kandy enters the room, and her slave lies on the bed. She just heard Kandy get fucked by her boyfriend. He is there for her to suck up the cum farts. He sits down on her back and her sexy bod can be seen. He is instructed to lick and continue to lick. But the cum remains deep within her and isn’t coming out. After some licking, her man’s cum begins to leak out of her genitals. Two powerful explosions are then released by her, causing cum to go into the slave’s mouth and fill his nostrils. She commands, “Lick it!” Anything that she does is an indulgence and her slave is sure to enjoy every drop. Kandy can be seen putting her face up a little, but she makes sure her hole is just above her slave’s mouth to ensure that you both get all the benefits of her cum farts. She tells her slave that she will stroke him and wants him to cumm while she eats another man’s cum…and sniffing her furs. He must also eat the cum when he arrives. He licks his hands and strokes enthusiastically, calling her a dirty pig. Kandy reminds him that he’s not worthy of fucking her, and that heAAs only good at being an ass-licker, fart sniffer, and toilet. KandyA looks stunning in this scene. When her slave cums, she grabs the item with her hand and gives it to him. Are you not tempted to become KandyA’s slave assassin?

Date: September 17, 2022
Category: Handjob

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