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The lounge area is filled with luxuriant green velvet couches. Lithe legs are exposed, asking for more. They pulsate with their beautiful pussies and the blood rushes to their CLITS. They won’t let up. They are always looking for more. It’s addictive to Gilr-onGirl!

DulcieaEUR ™’s athletic Yuna rides up on her face, grinding all of her cunt into her while Dulcie sips up her juices. DulcieaEUR ™ loves to eat girl cum. YunaaEUR ™’s tits can be so delicate and easy to squeeze.

Each one is more spectacular than the next as they eagerly move into different positions. Dulcie bends over Yuna and fists with her from behind. It’s an amazing sight. It was a wonderful ending when Dulcie and Yuna moved into the 69er.

From: girlsoutwest
Date: September 15, 2022
Category: Brunette

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