Blonde Spinner Tries Anal –


Mistress Amadahy along with Mistress Rilynn have won the bet with th7e last loser who attempted to put them off the mat. Mistress Amadahy is holding the loser in a choke hold while Mistress Rilynn shoves her strap-on cock from the losers mouth. The Mistress bend above the loser and Mistress Amadahy hold him in a scissor hold. Mistress Rilynn goes into the winners back and fucks the loser in the buttocks. The Mistress verbally humiliate the failure as his bum gets pounded. The failure trys to tap out but there is not any tapping outside. The goddess continue to ravish the losers bum as he cries and whimpers. The Mistress Rylinn pile drives her strap-on cock at the losers asshole so she can find every inch deep inside it. The Mistress do not stop until his ass is destroyed.

Date: September 28, 2020
Actors: Ivy Stone
Category: Strapon

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