Arabelle Raphael’s Anal.. –


Arabelle Raphael is a sexy jerk. When it comes to taking her anal extremes, she is serious. He hasn’t been cooperative so she took her to an alleyway to get it. Carissa Montgomery, Daisy Ducati and Carissa Montgomery stumble across her sorry sex and she fucks it hard. They agree to help Arabelle get her assmeat out of her system. Arabelle gets tongue fucked and spanked to get her warm up. Daisy requests that Carissa and Arabelle show their anal skills together so they can judge ArabelleAs progress. Carissa and Arabelle compete in a gait contest. Then they both get fucked with strap-ons. Each takes turns doing the mouth and the other the butt. Arabelle has to try and get a fist in her ass, but there’s a catch. Before Daisy can take her fist, she must also make sure that her fist is in her ans. It’s time to start the fisting contest. The winner, which is the girl that can’t take the fist at all, gets chained to the telephone booth until she can take it in her ass.

From: everythingbutt
Date: September 23, 2022
Category: Strapon

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