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Since he joined us more than three years ago, Abe has been an ever-present force in our team. We had to convince Abe several times before we finally got him back into the game. When I asked Abe what kind of model he wanted to pair him up with, his one request was “someone who can get through walls!” Rusty seemed like the right fit. Both are very sexy and enjoy fucking. One glance at Abe will reveal that heA has been exercising a lot. HeA has doubled his size. He also appears to have taken a break which made him horny and eager to get fucked. After a while, Abe takes over and directs the film. Abe was having fun on the set, making friends and feeling right at home, even though he wasn’t trying to fuck Rusty or dirty talking. All, we welcome you back to Abe

From: seancody
Date: July 15, 2022
Category: Cumshot

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